Sunday, October 21, 2012

Xavier's 5th birthday party

My friend Anna Davis can sure throw a party!  I just wanted to share some pictures from her son's Superhero birthday party.

Let's start with the invite:

Very cute huh?  It was a lot of work and Anna said it was a labor of love.  Her son loved the invite.

How about a superhero banner?  Superman capes with the birthday boy's name.  Simple!  The next set of pictures are of the food.  It is the little details that made this party a success.

Hulk juice? Classic!

No superhero party is complete without bat sandwiches.  PB&J and turkey and cheese.
 The games were so fun!  Shoot the villain was Devan's favorite.

 Aim and shoot.  Nerf guns and balloons with villians on them.  Very fun!

  Guns were 2 for $5.00 at Walmart

 Pin the batman.  The backdrop was adorable!  Hand painted by Anna. Check out the amazing and delicious cake that was made by Xavier's aunt Sheree Mendiola-Ross.

Look at this cute boy!  I love that cute smile!

Make your own mask?  How cool! Best friends ready to save the world!

Anna you sure can throw a party!  Also, a big thanks to my friend Charlette Fite for the loan of her Batman and Superman cricut cartridges.

Tee hee~



  1. Holy amazing birthdays Batman! Hehehe. Love it!! What an amazing birthday party :D

  2. Woah! Those sandwiches are amazing. Hats off to the creativity! I am also looking for an event space NYC for my daughter’s birthday party. I will also try to create something innovatory like this for my daughter. I really liked everything about this blog.