Thursday, October 18, 2012

Get well soon...

...and hurry up please!  My hubby is having surgery today and I made him a get well card.  He is having surgery on his neck and will be laid up for a bit.  This is going to be difficult for a very busy guy.  Bear with me.  I will likely be on a posting hiatus.

I decided to make him  a get well card.  I'm sure he will be pretty out of it when I give it to him. But I had this idea in my head for this card and wanted to execute it.  I'm not sure if it came out like how it was in my head, but that happens sometimes.

I really like how the band-aid came out and will likely use it on other get well cards.  I am really into banners and think that maybe I should have made many of them under the ribbon because I like that look.

Cute stamp set that I don't use often.  I love the band-aid stamp.  Sort-of wish that the words went horizontal too.

I can't wait for my hubby to feel better soon and hope that he heals fast!


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