Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Bobby!

It's my oldest son's birthday today and I made him this card to go with his presents.  

Now, this is not a card you give an adult, right?  Not if you are Bobby.  We have a tradition where we give each other gifts and wrap them silly or add silly stuff to them.  One time Bobby added a loaf of bread to my gift, totally random and we were cracking up.  Also, we give silly cards too.  Hence, these cute little birthday monsters with party hats.

I found this cute silly wrapping paper and had to make a card to match.

Too cute right?

Happy birthday to my son and I know that he will like his gift from us, which is a very cool new printer he has been begging us to buy him for months.

Tee hee~


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  1. So cool!!! Those monsters are so cute and they totally match the wrapping paper! You are so creative and of course so awesome :)