Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Being Silly

So this was the first trip for my sister Nicole and I to convention.  We have named our blog Teehee4two because not only do we love tea, but we laugh with each other a lot hence the name teehee4two.  Can't laugh as hard without my sister.  :)  So here is a silly picture we took at the Stampin Up Business building. 

Were just peeking around a pillar that is located right at the entrance.  I think we were just so excited to be there and obviously had to do something silly.  :) 
Tee Hee Andrea

Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Birthday JC!

Today is my friend JC's birthday and her birthday card is in the mail.  I hope that she likes it.

See that ribbon hanging off the flower?  My up-upline (more ups! lol) Bev made a beautiful card for a swap and I had to use her embellishment idea.  Simple and cute!  Check out her card that inspired me here.

I had fun making this card and got inspiration from an Stampin' Up! up-up-up-upline (did I say up enough?) Debra Godfrey.  She gave me this cool swap at the SU convention.

Isn't it so pretty?  I loved her card because it was a surprise with the extra fold.  Think of all the possibilities.  It was one of my favorites and I love the colors.  I can't wait to make more. 

Tee hee~


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Let's get together...

yeah, yeah, yeah...

My upline Niki hosted a Downline meeting and convention recap this past week.  It was quite a turnout! 

First there were awards and I am just so proud of my downline! Kristen and Charlette have great sales:

Here I am with Kristen and her downline Caroline Barth.

Here is some of our group, I couldn't get everyone in the picture:

We demo'ed a cool technique, had a make-n-take, and gave out little goodies.  More on that later!

Tee hee~


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Meeting Awesome Bloggers Plus One

So I love to check out blogs.  It is part of my routine every morning once I get online.  I also consider it my happy place when I am in a bad mood.  So all I have to say is 'Thank God for these women and their creativity.'
In no particular order I got to meet some of my favorite bloggers.  I had to also break out of my shyness and actually approach them and hope I wasn't bothering them too much.  Tee hee.  They were very nice and let me gush about how much I loved visiting their blogs and how creative  I thought they were.  
This first picture is Christie Daugherty from the blog Stamp Shack Lady. This is a great blog about her stamp projects and her family.  Definitely makes the reader feel like you know Christie. 

This second picture is of Create with Connie and Mary!  I not only love their shared blog, but their separate blogs too- Connie Babbert from Constantly Stamping and Mary Brown from Stamper Camper.  They have awesome tutorials and blog challenges. 

I am sure many of you out there recognize Mary Fish from Stampin Pretty.  She was with some fun friends in the Make n' Take line.  Don't you just love her shirt too.  She gave that to all her Stampin Pretty group members.  Can I be an honorary member??? 

I'm not going to say I have favorites, but Erica Cerwin from Pinkbuckaroo is definitely in my top 3 favorite blogs.  She has such creative and dynamic projects that I just love to check out.  I also love the left margin on her blog of all the blogs she follows.  Makes it easy for me to check out who has blogged recently and who hasn't.  So easy to blog surf from her site!  By the way if you love her beautiful paper flower you are noticing her Artisan Award Identifier.  That is just how creative she is!  Amazing! 

This is Mindy Bing from Bada Bing! Papercrafting!  She was so sweet and look... my size too!  Tee hee.  She was an Artisan finalist and I still can't believe she didn't get it.  I love her projects!  I also love her profile picture so funny and silly and I appreciate that type of stuff.  My sister Nicole was jealous she didn't get to meet Mindy.   Teehee.

Yes that is Dawn Olchefske from DOstamping with Dawn.  She was so sweet when my sister and approached her and asked for a picture.  And she knows about photography.  She had us get in just the right light so we would get a great picture.  Thanks Dawn!
And here is another Dawn from Dawn's Stamping Thoughts.  I love her blog, especially her Sunday posts.  Very inspiring and uplifting.  She was one of the first Stampin Up blogs I visited and still a favorite. 

And no trip is complete without meeting Shelli Gardner!  I even touched her shoulder and told her how much fun I was having at my first convention.  She was such an awesome speaker and stamp demonstrator.  Can't wait to see her again next year!  Yes I will be going back and if you want to go too become a member of my team- the kit is only $99 dollars and completely whatever you want to get.  I have an awesome supportive up line and we get together often to support one another. 
And just in case you haven't already here is Shelli's blog...

Tee Hee Andrea

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Super Cute Papermade Headwear

I just couldn't believe the amount of talent being squeezed into the convention hall and it was not only on display from Stampin Up, but by what people were wearing too.  I had to stop being so shy and actually approach some of these ladies because their head-wear was just too cute.  Here are a couple pictures. 
Do you notice the cute butterfly punch??? So cute!

What??? Is that a the teacup from the Tea Shoppe set??? Can I have one?

I have to show the cute hair clip my sister Nicole made with the super fun Dahlias. 

The twisted goddess group had these beautiful crowns.  I want one please!

I think my daughter wanted to add into the fun and she had to use what she had on hand.  So if you look closely...that is a hair brush and a feathered headband in her hair.  One might ask themselves where Nana was when this was going on???  All I can say is at least no scissors were involved.  :) 

Tee hee Andrea

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Doll House- Update

This doll house was on display at convention.  What a dream!  The detail was amazing!  I remember having a little white dollhouse as a little girl and this project brought me right back to all the fun I had with my sister playing house.  Thanks to Suzanne Johnson for the comment she left on my post!  Suzanne, you are one talented lady!!!!!

You can't see it but the bookcase has little copies of Stampin' Success!

I could seriously live in this house surrounded by all things SU!

I'm not the only one who thought Suzanne's dollhouse was amazing! On another blog and Suzanne gave this cool tidbit about her labor for the project!

Linda, thank you so much for honoring my hard work with your post! The first question everyone asked me at Convention was how long it took me – and I can only make an educated guess at an accumulation of about 2 months of 24 hours per day. I spent many all-nights, 24-7 days, late nights, days taken off work, and project pieces taken to work to do during breaks. This time includes a “beta version” and re-dos of pieces that didn’t turn out quite right. My post-convention goal is to start a blog (separate from my DBWS website) and launch it with my photos of this project, followed by others I submitted to the Artisan contest (I was not a finalist, BTW). I’m happy to answer any questions about how I made any part of the house.

You can reach Suzanne Johnson at www.gotta-stamp@comcast.net

Tee hee~


Monday, July 23, 2012

Stampin' Up! rocks!

I know, I know, everybody has this video and I can watch it over and over.  I made my family watch it and my hubby even admitted that the company looks fun to work for.  Could it be that he wants to move to Utah?  Hmmmmm...I could definitely work for Stampin' Up!

Tee hee!  

Gorgeous!  Inside and out!  My favorite room inside the building (aside from the cubicles -tee hee) was the sewing room.  Check it out!

Ribbon on the wall for the letters????? Genius!  But it is in cursive!  No Gen Y'er will understand it! JK

More cursive???? I totally love it!!!!!  Get me some of those wire baskets!!!!

What a way to store your tools.  Just grab off the wall.  Yes, please!

Tee hee~


Saturday, July 21, 2012


Andrea and I took an "I am starting out" class. We got to play jeopardy.

Emily Montoya was our instructor. She was very good at breaking down all of our business ins and outs.

We lost at jeopardy, but got a stamp set. Totally worth it!

Tee hee~