Monday, June 18, 2012

Kitty Condolence

Niki (my upline) made a condolence card for the passing of our kitty Lily.  Our family really appreciated it.

Look at this kitty stamp.  The way it shows the kitty you only see 3 legs like our Lily.  We miss her very much! :-(

The kids wanted to take a picture with the card.  They are very serious.

Our Lily 

You were a strong mouser and fast even with 3 legs.

You meowed a lot.

You were loving.

You would sleep with us.

You loved being scratched on your neck.

You had a lot of hiding spots: our closet, cays couch, Devan's bed (blending in with the stuffed animals).

You were very playful with strings and any toy you could get your paws on.

Outside you loved our purple flower hedge where you passed away.

You were special and loved by us.


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