Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bobby's cards

When I was in college, I worked almost full-time and had a heck of a time on my own.  My son does very well as a server at Red Lobster and has been supporting himself since he was age 19.  He never asks for money but is so grateful if we go through our pantry and give him food.  I decided that I would make him cards and send them out with gift cards to various places like grocery stores, gas stations, Target, etc.  My son prides himself on making it on his own, but as a parent I think about him and worry.

What a perfect opportunity to start doing this with my Upline Niki's masculine card class.  The them was father's day related cards, but she brought many other stamps so that we could tailor the cards to other holiday's or personalize them for specific relatives.  I had an idea that I would make the cards for my son and send kind words of 'I love you' or 'Where have you been? I am going to put out a missing peron's report?????'

Here is my favorite card of the bunch.

Add a Target gift card and we're in business.  I hope that he likes it and knows that I am thinking of him :-).

Tee hee~


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