Saturday, June 9, 2012

Favorite thing

I made this chap stick holder for a favorite things party that my upline Niki hosted some time ago.  One of my favorite things is chap stick.  I apply chap stick to my lips many times a day.  I have two favorites: Burt's Bees and Lipsmackers (or Bonnie Bell).  I guess that's three favs! Lol!  Anyway, I am constantly applying chap stick all day long at work and finally I apply Burt's Bees right before I go to bed.

I had to make a cute chap stick holder to give to the girls at Niki's party.  This holder was from a class that my upline Niki taught us as well.  There are many tutorials out there.  You can check one out here.  This tutorial fits an anti-bacterial soap (from bath and body) but I like the chap stick more!  Have fun crafting!

Tee hee~


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