Thursday, June 21, 2012

camp crafts

My kids go to summer day camp at our church and they are having a blast!  They are playing fun games, swimming, going on field trips, and bringing home some really cool crafts.

Here are some of the cool projects the kids have been doing:

Look at some of these classic crafts! Lanyard, God's eye, bracelets, hamma beads, etc.

Cay said this box took a couple of hours to make.  First they had to construct it, then paint it.  Cay gave this box as a Father's Day gift to Daddy.

Inside the box were these two magnets that hold post-its for dad.  Dev's is on the left and Cay's on the right.

My favorite craft so far!  I got to make one of these during our Wednesday church night 'Thrive' with the 3rd -6th grade girls.  The concept is like a shrinky dink.  However, it was made with the clear plastic food holder you may get a sandwich in for a to-go meal from a restaurant.  You cut the bottom of the container, color the plastic with permanent sharpie markers and bake in the oven.  Look at this cute pendant Cay made. Her nickname at camp is Squints.  

 Stay tuned-I have been recruited to do a project with the older kids toward the end of the summer camp and can't wait to show you!
Tee hee~


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