Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fabulous apron...

What a beautiful apron!

I received the awesome apron from my friend Wendy Benjamin in Oregon.  She knows I love owls and when she saw this fabric she had to make something for me and why not an apron???

Wendy is a friend that I email with everyday.  I was having a bad couple weeks there- house broken into, students being bad, we bid for a house and lost out, etc.  I was not in a happy place, so she told me she was sending me a surprise in the mail.  And who doesn't love to receive anything in the mail that doesn't resemble a bill???  Needless to say I can't wait to wear this super cute apron as I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  I am going to look so cute.  (I didn't look so cute when taking the pictures, so that is why you do no see my face.  :)  

Wendy is an awesome seamstress and owns a sewing machine store in Oregon called The Sewing Room.  If you are in the area or even want to ship your machine for a tune-up, get fixed, or even would like to purchase a machine she does work with out of state customers all the time.  She has some of the best deals on Bernina (sp?). 

This is the inside of the apron.  Just as cute.  I really love this fabric. 

This is the cute card that Wendy made for me to go with my apron.  She loves to be paper crafty too! What a talented lady!!! 

Tee Hee Andrea

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  1. Wow that apron is as adorable as you! I hope your feeling better. Beverlee