Saturday, May 26, 2012


Both my kids had performances on the same day. I kept calling it a performance and Devan would correct me saying "it is a program mom." It was so fun!  First, we went to Devan's "program" at Snell's preschool.  But it felt a like a performance for sure!  He showed off what he is learning: 3D shapes, geography, math, drama, music and movement, and so much more.  The feelings that were welling inside of me about how he is going on to Kindergarten were overwhelming!  This is an end of an era. I am proud of him! Check out my cute little guy!

Next was Super Cay!  She really is super!  Cailynne showed off at her school in many ways.  She is in an after school program called Bridge.  This has been an amazing program! Not only are teachers from the school available for tutoring, but after homework, they have an enrichment time. Cailynne is involved with the Cheer Squad and creating Murals for the library.

My daughter is awesome!  She tries new things even if she is uncomfortable.  She is way more confident that I was in Junior High School and High School combined!  

I am definitely looking forward to next year!  My daughter will graduate 8th grade and my son will have kindergarten promotion.  It will be a year of milestones for sure!

Tee hee~


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