Monday, May 14, 2012

Frog jump

Here's a little MDS of when we went to Angel's camp and had a blast with friends this past weekend.  How about some nachos, hot dogs, soda, and bake sale goods to start the day off?  Then some frog jumping!  Us city folk were beginners.  We were cracking up at what the kids would do to get the frog to jump.  Why have a frog jumping contest?  Well they are training for the major event where people from all over (even out of state) have their frogs compete in a frog jumping contest, in Frogtown.  It is a big deal in the mother lode.  Kids get two days off of school for the festival.  They have 4-H, art contests, carnival rides, performances from local groups, yummy food, pageants,  and of course frog jumping.

I bet you are wondering how you get a frog to jump?  Well you hit the ground, stomp your feet, yell encouraging words, and if that doesn't work? Blow on the frog.  We were laughing so hard!  Super Cay did great.  Except when she was bringing the frog back to station.  He escaped and was jumping away toward the snack bar.  Thankfully, our friend Caleb was quick and caught the frog.

Check out the fun!

But wait there's more!  I am notorious for that saying especially in crafting...We have a princess in our mists.  She is McKenzie and she placed 3rd in the Junior Miss Calaveras Princess.  While we were frog jumping, she was interviewing for the pageant.  She will be honored at the Frogtown event.  I am so proud of her and love how confident she is.  Keep going girl, you are headed in the right direction!

Here she is, my pictures don't do justice (her mom is the photographer, not me), she looked stunning!  In my opinion, she should have won, but I am not biased!

This page is for my friend Lisa.  She and her family are so great!  Look at how cute they are!

Tee hee~


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