Sunday, May 27, 2012

7th grader

Here is an MDS of Cailynne's first day of school.  I found the CD of her picture and had to make it a page.

Love this girl and loved her picture!  She was so nervous and overwhelmed on the first day of school.  We were as parents were too!  We got to spend the first day with her.  There was a lot of information, we went through an abbreviated schedule, and met all of the teachers.  Inside the building, the flow of traffic only went in one direction and one of Cay's classes was just one back.  She was not allowed to go against the flow of traffic and had to circle around to get to her next class.  Also, Cay's principal had a booming voice and used to be a morning radio personality.  He runs a tight ship but was encouraging to students too.  Cay got straight A's all year and only one B in pre-Algebra first quarter.  Gary and I were amazed at how hard she worked the whole year, with a little relaxing at the end of the year. lol!

In a couple of months, Cay will start 8th grade and is veteran middle schooler now.

Tee hee~


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