Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lego party activities

Here is the last post on my lego party that shows the activites we did.

You can print out coloring pages from the Lego website here.  The crayon boxes I found were so cute!  I found the free printable here.

Hot potato with a very large lego block????Yes, please!  The winner got to keep the block.  It was my nephew Gavin with the white-blond hair passing it to his brother Ethan.  Check out how intense the kids faces are.  This game was serious business! Gavin still has the block a year later!  I probably would have taken it apart myself.

This game was fun.  Find the Lego minifig.  I hid a bunch of paper lego men and the kids had to find them.  I got the idea from a very cute blog here.

Here the kids are with their paper lego minifigs.  They are so cute!

We had a make your own Lego car and then race it against your friends.

I got the cars at Wal-mart.  The kids got to put them together and then race them.

I got this cute idea for a racing ramp here.

No party is complete with out the cake or in this case cupcakes.

Yes, you can buy candy Legos.  It is at those fun candy stores at the mall.  The cupcake toppers are the create your own Lego minifigs shrunk down.

Devan definitely had fun!  He wants to re-create his party this year except with power rangers.  

Tee hee~


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