Sunday, August 19, 2012

Go Devan!

My little guy is so cute!  He is doing so much in his life right now and just rolling with it.  He started Kindergarten and was so excited to go.  Everything is "Raise your hand if you like..." so we raise our hands if we like ice cream, candy, hot dogs, etc.  Here Dev is at his back-to-school BBQ and we had to raise our hand if we like stuff.  Hands all up?  Now hands in?  "Go Stuff!"

Go Devan! -is what I am saying to Devan right now.  He is learning how to ride a bike and I am amazed at how fast he has picked it up!

I made him this cute card to show how proud I am.

I can't stop playing with this Moving Forward stamp set.  Devan loves when I craft and tries to "help me" all the time.  I made this card secretly and it is a surprise.  

Raise your hand if you like stamping?  Go Stamps!

Tee hee~

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