Friday, August 3, 2012

All about me!

Cailynne's first project of the year.  She has to do an 'All About Me' collage and do an oral presentation.  She finished early and has been practicing what she is going to say for the past 2 days.  Did I  mention she just started school this week???!!!

Check out the finished project:

Those crazy socks are so Cailynne!  She pretty much wears crazy socks all the time, they just might be covered up with tennis shoes and pants.

A special moment in Cailynne's life?  Her brother being born.  Awwww...{snif}

Cailynne is very positive!  We kept cracking up at this smiley face.  That is so her!

A little embellishment using some SU punches, buttons, and DSP/ melon mambo paper.  Of course!!!

Some intersting facts about Cailynne:

Favorite foods- Pasta, especially spaghetti
Favorite author- Ally Condie, author of 'Matched'
Favorite subject- Reading
Pets- Cats Bonnie and Terry
Future plans/ goals- UCLA
Special talent- Drama/ acting
Best part of summer- Summer Day Camp at Bear Creek Church
5 words that describe Cay- Intelligent, Thinker, Positive, Caring, and Creative

Fingers crossed that she thinks her speech goes well today!  I already know that she will do a great job!

Tee hee~


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