Saturday, September 8, 2012

More Fort Kits

More kids birthdays means more fort kits.  I seriously love giving this as a gift.  Don't you think our kids have enough toys already???? How about a sheet set, flashlight, popcorn, and clothespins?  What do you have??? Hours of fun and useful things for the house.  Clothespins make great chip clips.  Who doesn't need an extra pair of sheets for your kids bed or a flashlight?  My friends have told me that it has bought them time to do chores and actually has gotten them to get their kids to bed on time.  My friend Anna reported to me that she made a fort over her son's bed and has had no difficulty getting him to lay down.

When my sister told me that my nephew Ethan would love to get 49er sheets for his bed I was shocked!  A kid that wants sheets instead of toys for his birthday????  Well she gave him a 49er blanket and he freaked out!  He is a major football fan and a serious 49er fan.  Here is the fort kit I made Ethan:

 The next kit was a recent birthday gift for one-year-old Ashley.  She is going to be transitioning from her crib to a big girl bed soon and what better gift than sheets?  Also, kids love flashlights.  Best gift, and if the lights go out, you have one on hand to use in case of an emergency, except that it is your kids very own flashlight.  Very fun!

Did I mention that you need to add popcorn?  It is a must!  All of the items for the fort kit I got at Target.  There is even a cute popcorn container I got in the $1 section.  Add microwave popcorn and you're a kids best friend.  Check out my other fort kit post here.

Happy fort making!

Tee hee~


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  1. Hi Nicole! I absolutely LOVE this idea!! I MUST remember this for the next time I need a kid gift! Is it ok if I post on my pinterest board? ~Alyssa