Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Teacher appreciation

My daughter's Language Arts/ Reading teacher Mrs. Dockery sent a wonderful email complimenting my daughter Cailynne.  She said that Cay was a hard worker and a great student.  It was so wonderful that she took time out of her busy day to write something great about my daughter.  I am so proud of my Super Cay!

I decided after sending an email back thanking her that it wasn't enough.  I made a card for her.

Okay, I had to do an apple card. I know, I know, some teachers aren't super keen on apples.  I couldn't resist!  I love that little apple stamp from the Perfectly Preserved stamp set.  How about the Storytime DSP paper?  So cute, and very important to the theme of the card.  At back-to-school night Mrs. Dockery explained that the kids are going to know how to write by the end of the year.  As parents we ask, "Don't they already know how to do that?"  Not really, with texting and facebook out there I guess writing has gone downhill.  She is a stickler about writing complete sentences with the words spelled right.  


A thank you to Cay's teacher for her wonderful words that made my day.  I had to write some words back and tell her how lucky Cay is to have her as a teacher.  You can tell she cares about her students.

Tee hee~


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