Sunday, April 29, 2012

Downline meeting

Yesterday was so much fun!  I loved getting together with my group and doing some of my favorite things like drinking tea and crafting.  My sister and I started this blog together and we were wavering between doing a blog with tea for two and it morphed into teehee4two because we laugh with each other more than anything.  But my sister introduced me to the tea experience.  I was not a coffee or tea drinker.  Even now every morning I faithfully have a Diet Pepsi drink instead of coffee or regular tea.  My sister brought me to a Tea house in Clovis, California called, 'The Victorian Rose,' and the rest is history.  We love everything tea: little sandwiches, savory snacks, vanilla lemonade, little decadent desserts, fancy hats, Victorian decor, and most of all fancy teas.  My sister and I will have a stressful day and have a "little cup of happiness" (as Andrea would say). I definitely love teas that feel like you are drinking a dessert.  Also, I love going to a tea house because it feels like you are pampering your palette.  I hope that my group felt pampered, they totally deserved it for all of their hard work.

More on our downline meeting is yet to come.  I have goodies to show you of my groups talent!

This event wouldn't have been a success without my sister and mom.  They helped with the food and the tea accessories.  My mom letting me host the meeting at her house was a gift.  I am blessed to have a great family!

Tee hee~


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  1. Oh my goodness! Your table setting is so gorgeous! Everything looks so "sweet" and very pretty! ^_^