Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Doll House- Update

This doll house was on display at convention.  What a dream!  The detail was amazing!  I remember having a little white dollhouse as a little girl and this project brought me right back to all the fun I had with my sister playing house.  Thanks to Suzanne Johnson for the comment she left on my post!  Suzanne, you are one talented lady!!!!!

You can't see it but the bookcase has little copies of Stampin' Success!

I could seriously live in this house surrounded by all things SU!

I'm not the only one who thought Suzanne's dollhouse was amazing! On another blog and Suzanne gave this cool tidbit about her labor for the project!

Linda, thank you so much for honoring my hard work with your post! The first question everyone asked me at Convention was how long it took me – and I can only make an educated guess at an accumulation of about 2 months of 24 hours per day. I spent many all-nights, 24-7 days, late nights, days taken off work, and project pieces taken to work to do during breaks. This time includes a “beta version” and re-dos of pieces that didn’t turn out quite right. My post-convention goal is to start a blog (separate from my DBWS website) and launch it with my photos of this project, followed by others I submitted to the Artisan contest (I was not a finalist, BTW). I’m happy to answer any questions about how I made any part of the house.

You can reach Suzanne Johnson at www.gotta-stamp@comcast.net

Tee hee~



  1. Thank you so much Nicole for sharing your photos of my dollhouse and for all your kind comments! Even though I was not a finalist, I have been so rewarded by all the appreciation I've received for my efforts on this project, which was made to be seen and enjoyed! I have a goal to start my own blog this summer and I'll post my photos and project details when I launch it.

  2. Suzanne, I can't wait to see your blog! You are very talented and I will definitely be following you!!!!